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We have great pleasure in introducing ourselves as a Himalaya Security Services, which has been providing Housekeeping & Security Service to a large number of reputed private, public & institutional undertakings.

A thoroughly professional organization, we are headed by a team of distinguished experts from the Defence, Police, Para Military Forces & Civil Services, having wide ranging in-line experience. We claim exclusively in customizing Housekeeping & Security Service.

We provide services to meet Housekeeping & Security requirements of almost all types of organizations, including industrial units, corporate offices, institutes, hospital, hotels & Guest House etc. Briefly, we are currently providing the following services:-

We have a large force and a wide spread & highly Satisfied Clientele. We greatly value our relationship with our clients with whom we maintain a very close interaction. We have continuously believed in not only offering them a range of services but also keep adding value for money. Over the years, this belief has helped us to help them to the hilt.

We at HIMALAYA firmly believe that our success lies in providing a successful back up to our clients. We achieve this through a comprehensive system of:-


We have an efficient system of selection. High calibre individuals are carefully picked from a select stock. Their credentials, background and antecedents are thoroughly verified and cross checked/authenticated through the police.


We at HIMALAYA lay great stress on training. After selection, personnel are rigorously and comprehensively trained. Orientation/on-job training is provided to meet peculiar requirements of individual units. Periodical refresher training is a regular on-going process.

Their conduct and behavioural responses are closely monitored subsequently after they have been finally deployed.


Success of any system lies in its efficient implementation only a very effective system of monitoring can help achieve this. We have a specialized 3 tire system of monitoring which inter alia, includes the following:-

In addition, our Senior Functionaries too personally visit each site to gain first-hand knowledge of the actual performance of personnel deployed.

Complete satisfaction of our clients.
  • Why Pick Us

  • For all the above and for the simple reason that we strongly believe in building, nurturing and sustaining a correct, enduring and long term relationship that supports, strengthens & adds value to our services to inspire mutual pride and confidence on a continuous basis.
  • Our Belief

  • We believe is pursuing our assigned role vigorously, dedicatedly & relentlessly to perfection. Needless to add that we have the requisite know how, the infrastructure and the right people with right skills to deliver desired results. Quite naturally, therefore, we feel encouraged to believe that you would want to consider us as a possible choice to serve your esteemed organization. On our part, we may assure you that, given the chance, we would more than justify your choice.